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Be Careful What You Pray For…Because You Just Might Get It.

Sometimes our deepest and most earnest prayers are in an hour of desperation. We long for financial blessings when we're going through financial hardships. We desire a kind and faithful companion when we're single or going through a tragic break-up.


We long for a different job when we are having difficulties with our boss or supervisor. None of this is wrong. However, what you must ask yourself is:

Are you praying for the root cause of your situation to be fixed or just what is tangible and can be seen?


Because you could win the lottery and that would instantly solve your economic situation, but if you are irresponsible financially, eventually you will just end up in the same desperate situation.


Or what if you find this “great guy” who can take care of your financial needs but offers nothing else in return? What if he can’t pray for you? What if he's not a good communicator and is emotionally abusive? If you are praying for companionship out of mere loneliness you are likely to embrace and accept the next best manipulator looking for a place to stay.


If you get a new job or change departments at your current job - you will get a new supervisor, but if it’s a bad attitude that you need to get rid of, you will just pack it up with the rest of your things and take it with you.


Your new space will soon be just as toxic as your old space. When we are praying to God on our own behalf, first we must ask God to give us the courage to “fix ourselves".


This consists of knowing God’s truth. To know God’s truth, you must read and study the Word and it is essential to obey His Word. We also have to be willing to identify the things in our lives that need to be changed. If we don’t know, all we need to do is ask God to reveal it. When change needs to happen in your life, God is not going to show you what your neighbor needs to change. He will specifically reveal what you need to change - TO YOU!

You have to be mature enough to understand that change starts with you.


Then you have to be brave enough to believe that there is a much healthier version of you waiting to be discovered.


Being receptive to this revelation will in turn allow you to create helpful and healthy boundaries for your life. Align your will with the will of God, so that when you pray it’s not out of emotion, whether they be negative or positive. Remove the inquiry out of your heart. Most importantly, be patient! Patience allows you to wait in peace because when God is ready to respond He will do so swiftly and precisely! Now your prayers are specific, intentional, and full of hope and you can look forward to what you prayed for!



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