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Stop Wasting Your Time On the Wrong Things.

Charles Spurgeon said, “Believers are not dependent upon circumstances. Their joy comes not from what they have, but from what they are; not from where they are, but from whose they are; not from what they enjoy, but from that which was suffered for them by their Lord.”

So much of our time and attention are wasted on the wrong things.

 The enemy would have us fill our hearts and minds with things that add nothing to our lives. We become focused on the past, robbing us of our present state and promising us a future that looks like yesterday. We then end up having conversations that only yield the same dead fruit that got us right where we are.


So our question is, “What has your attention?”


First, understand that when we restructure, we change the pattern. Ask yourself, “What am I doing daily that adds absolutely no substance to my soil” (your heart, the place where your fruit grows). You must protect what has your attention because what has your attention could be robbing you of your joy. Good or bad, your circumstances should not have your attention because all circumstances change. Your focus should be on the One who never changes, on the One who promises to never leave us or forsake us, on the One who promises rest for our souls when situations are heavy. When we meditate on Christ, our circumstances become minuscule in comparison.


Knowing that you are a child of God and a rightful heir to the kingdom of God is great news, so the gifts given to us by God should never be praised over the gift-giver, understanding that what we have today could be gone tomorrow. Our true joy is that Christ died so that we will forever have a relationship with the Father, that nothing can separate us from the love of God.


The past should only be used as a reflection; this will give you wisdom on the way one should go moving forward. When you reflect on the past for wisdom, it is remembering the unwise decision once made that brought you enormous pain and not picking it or them for your present or future.


In the grand scheme of things, life is but a vapor, and what you give the most attention to matters. The place that promises truth, joy, peace, calmness, and protection is in the will of God. Christ paid the ultimate cost so that we didn't have to.


Today: Give God thanks!



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