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Wake Up Before You Miss It

Following a night of sleep, you might’ve received a friendly “rise and shine” greeting. But even if no one says it, the sunlight coming through your window will let you know it's a new day. This well-known phrase, ‘Rise and Shine,’ is inspired by the verse Isaiah 60:1 that says:


“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” (Isaiah 60:1)

Darkness is for lying down; light is for rising up. Darkness is for gloom and sleep; light is for shining. When the light has come, we must respond, and arise, shine.


After experiencing dark seasons in our lives, God is faithful to rescue and redeem us. To redeem means to take back. God promises to take back everything that the devil stole from you (whew, a word!). God is saying that light has arrived, so it’s time for you to respond to it; get up and shine!


Get up and stop scrolling.

Get up and get moving.

Get up and dream again.

Get up and believe again.

Get up and take back what’s yours.

Get up and shine!


Every new morning the Lord allows us to see is an opportunity for us to respond to His light. 


This year, may we choose to be who we profess to be as Christians. May our lives reflect the character of Christ. May we wake up from our spiritual sleep and respond to the call. 


Even if you're feeling lost and unsure where to start, God's faithfulness is incredible. When you take that initial step towards Him, He'll actively pursue you and meet you right where you are.


God has an incredible purpose for you and wants to use you to shine His light. 


This week, set your foundation first by:

  1. Seek the Lord immediately when you wake up.

  2. Do what God has been telling you to do (forgive an offense, complete that task, etc.)

  3. When tough situations come up, ask yourself WWJD (What would Jesus do? We promise, it helps…)


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