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Bri’Ann Stephens and Klarke Foreman have been entrepreneurs for 7+ years. In 2014 Klarke Foreman launched her teen organization, Kween to Queen. Bullying and body-shaming are all too common in today’s culture. Klarke Foreman experienced it firsthand when she was in 6th grade. Instead of letting those negative comments hold her back, Klarke decided to use the experience to uplift others, creating a hashtag called #QueensHaveNoSize. It quickly went viral, and led to a totally new endeavor: Kween to Queen.


In 2016 Bri’Ann Stephens launched her women empowerment organization, Pink Productions. She found herself lost and dealing with depression in her adulthood. Determined to create a better life, not only for herself but for other women in her community, Stephens founded Pink Productions, an online platform and network that helps support women in achieving their goals. In 2016 the two met on a radio show and became great friends! Their passion for social impact is the driving force behind Foundation First. 

In 2017 they hosted a book drive for the victims of Hurricane Harvey collecting over 4,000 books. In 2018 they hosted our first conference with over 150 women in attendance. During this time, they created our own marketing materials, including flyers, websites, logos, graphics, and more. After hosting conferences and other female targeted events, many women would seek advice on how they were able to grow their brands. Outside of their passion, they attributed much of their growth to their digital branding. It was at that time that they discovered the need for digital branding in their community.


They launched Foundation First in 2018– a newly designed platform that provides opportunities for people to set a solid foundation in life and in business. They do this through graphic design, events, mentor programs, and their online interviews and blogs. They ensure their clients' success through designing their branding material, while also providing workspace wellness tools and opportunities that build them as business owners.


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