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Foundation First is a newly designed platform that provides opportunities for people to set a solid foundation in life and in business.

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We are doing something cool!

Years before we ever launched a business, we were passionate about discovering our gifts and unlocking our full potential. Neither of us ever thought that we’d be entrepreneurs/small business owners, but the thing about discovering yourself is that you’ll always find something new. 


Collectively we’ve been in business for six years. Within that time we have hosted conferences with over 300 women, mentored over 800 teens, and helped over 400 entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands. 


Setting a solid foundation in life and in business is not an easy journey. Most people give up because they don’t have access to the necessary tools and resources. 


We are passionate about seeing our community succeed and that’s why at Foundation First you’re not only able to improve your business’ digital branding, but you’re also able to gain mentors, and become your best self!




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In 2019, I wrote over 10 professional bios for myself, but for some reason I can’t seem to find the words for this particular one. Most times, bios are short blurbs of your accomplishments and history. Since that information can easily be googled (here’s a link), I have decided to make my bio 10 fun facts about me:

  • My favorite food is spaghetti

  • I am obsessed with good poetry (love haikus)

  • I grew up as the only child 

  • I spend most of my days at my computer

  • I started my first business in 2016

  • I talk really fast, I mean extremely fast

  • I am passionate about social impact

  • My favorite person is Beyonce’

  • After a long day of work, I want food and netflix

  • My favorite scripture is Philliphians 4:8


I’ve reached my 10, but also I know a thing or two about business and I can’t wait to work with you!

I honestly always felt like bios equated to those "tell me about yourself" questions; a question I always seem to struggle to answer. Side note: I love how Bri listed 10 fun facts, so I'll do the same:

  • I can always go for a cheeseburger (medium well, please!)

  • I am a huge extrovert

  • I use to have 12 fingers

  • Pocahontas & Mulan are my favorite Disney soundtracks

  • My favorite worship leader is William Murphy

  • I am plus size model

  • I am a teen advocate

  • I prefer listening to music over watching tv

  • I love dogs....like obsessed

  • I can watch hair and makeup tutorials for hours

Super excited to connect with you! 




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Our impact has cultivated genuine relationships throughout our digital and local communities.