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You are invited to mentally Spring Clean and transformation through yoga, mental health conversations, journaling, and community. 

We will begin the day with setting the atmosphere, through meditation and yoga led by lululemon ambassador, Jenn B. You will be inspired by a panel discussion between Chandler ForemanBri'Ann StephensKlarke ForemanDannie C. Kelly, and Kirbi Smith, promoting mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Custom journals and prompts will be provided for reflection, and you can shop from black-owned vendors with products aligned with the event's theme. 

We will set the tone with bomb music provided by DJ Jazz . You will also be able to participate in a group coloring session with art provided by Deja Janai.

Complimentary refreshments and cold-pressed juices will be provided by Niesy's HTX and Bee Fit Foods.


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2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Spring Clean Eventbrite Spec.png

Exclusive Experiences
& Takeaways

  • A chill yoga session with lululemon partner, Jenn B.

  • Mental health and wellness conversations with experts.

  • A yoga mat and water bottle provided by lululemon.

  • Charcuterie cups and refreshments provided by Niesy's.

  • Group coloring session with art provided by Deja Janai.

  • Affirmation journals provided by Foundation First.

  • To hear from black women who are entrepreneurs and experts in wellness.

  • Relatable and transparent advice from industry leaders who know a lot about life and different stages of entrepreneurship.

  • Moments to connect and network with women just like you.

  • Opportunities to discover and interact with some of the most exciting mentors to help you grow in life

  • Practical tools that will help you prioritize your wellness.

  • Interactive photo opportunities.

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