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Entrepreneurship is one the hardest, yet most rewarding decisions you can make

You get to be your own boss, you make unlimited income, you choose when and where you work, you make a living doing what you love, you create a positive impact, you choose who you work with, you’re always growing, and it is fulfilling and rewarding!


But you have those seasons where it seems like everything is all over the place and you can’t even think straight.


The biggest challenge that entrepreneurs face is not from the outside. It is an internal struggle of self doubt, anxiety, and procrastination, amongst other things. There is also the struggle of managing the complexity that comes with running a business, that is why we need help. We need encouragement, mentors, and realistic steps in staying the course. 


During this event you will hear from women who have built their brands from the ground up and have overcome many of the challenges entrepreneurs face. Whether you’re dealing with internal struggles or external struggles, come and learn from women who have been there. Come ask the questions that you have needing the answers to.



  • Complimentary drinks and light bites

  • Engaging activities to connect and network with ambitious women just like you

  • To hear from black women who are thought leaders

  • Opportunities to engage with local vendors who know a lot about life and different stages of entrepreneurship

  • Personalized guidance from mentors who will help you navigate unique challenges

  • Opportunities to discover and interact with some of the most exciting mentors to help you grow in life

  • Practical tools that will help you encourage and buil during your entrepreneurial journey

  • The opportunity to win giveaways!

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