Are you a new or current business owner in need of flawless branding material that will attract your audience? Look no further, we've got you covered! Our brand makeover package is for new and current business owners looking to take their brand to the next level. 




See below for what's included:


Style Guide

  • Need help with your brand identity? We'll design a style guide that represents your brands personality, look, tone, and feel. This will include choosing your brands colors, fonts, etc. 


WIX Website design:

  • WIX web design ONLY (you pay a monthly fee via WIX)

  • You have to connect your own domain name

  • Graphic design

  • Basic illustration (upon request)

  • Up to 5 pages

  • E-commerce functionality (you must add your own products/booking services)

  • 2 complimentary revisions


Logo Design:

  • basic logo

  • Text-based design

  • 2 varation colors

  • Logo board

  • Graphic design

  • JPG logo files

  • Transparent PNG logo files

  • 2 complimentary revisions


Social media templates:

  • Graphic design

  • 5 personalized templates

  • Your choice of images and text

  • 1 complimentary revision


Instagram Highlight Covers:

  • Graphic design

  • 5 personalized highlight designs

  • Your choice of images, text, or both

  • 1 complimentary revision


Once you have purchased the service, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. Be sure to check your spam folder in case it may have arrived there. The confirmation email will allow you to schedule a zoom call and get started with the brand package! Learn more about our process here:

Brand Package

$790.00 Regular Price
$450.00Sale Price