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What's In Your Soil?

You must be intentional about sowing good seeds on good ground. When you sow a seed of encouragement, hope, joy, and peace, remember to water them. One of the best ways to water them is to rehearse encouraging affirmations, scriptures, and hopeful words or phrases daily.

Let's be deliberate and make sure that you speak words that align with success and freedom, which reflect the harvest you want.

The moment you start doubting because you don't see results right away, you begin planting unbelief and doubt, which will uproot your work.

You have to know that if you are sowing both doubt and encouragement equally then in your reaping season you will see both good fruits along with weeds in your harvest.

Weeds are unwanted plants in crop fields that grow along with the main crop. They are strong and dominating competitors for crops.

Weeds are very misleading because they look like the real thing, however, are not!

Weeds come up and choke what is good. The only purpose for weeds is to “look” like the original only to destroy and kill the sower and eater.

If you get to the point where your doubt outweighs your hope, then your soil is harboring weeds that are there to choke your promise, stall your future, and blind your vision. You have to make a healthy choice and sow only what is good. Check your negative self-talk, it’s there to kill the promise. Don’t believe what the pessimist says about you, those words are there to make you fall and fall hard. Don’t agree with what everyone else says is working if that does not work for you, otherwise, you'll become another one of them when God made you to be an original!

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