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Top 10 Ways to Relax On Vacation

By Raquel Helm

It is a privilege to be able to take a vacation.  In most cases, taking time away from work or time away from our families, both can be very demanding.  Once you decide to take the time off, save some to do absolutely nothing. Traveling does not always require a full itinerary. You can still have a fabulous time relaxing.  Here are my top ten ways to relax on your vacation.

1. Schedule a full body massage

Whether it’s the spa on site or an in-room massage, schedule a full 60 or 120-minute body massage and add aromatherapy or a scrub.  Make this appointment in the evening to protect your skin from being burned by being in the sun. Most Spa Therapies do not recommend sun bathing at least 3-4 hours after spa treatments.  

2. Sleep in late

There are no alarms to wake up to when you’re on vacation, unless you have scheduled an excursion.  In that case, be sure to turn off your regularly scheduled alarms so that you can sleep in as late as you want.  

3. Attend a yoga session

Upon check-in, ask the concierge for any sports/yoga activities that you can sign up for during your stay.  Don’t overextend yourself on any sports or yoga activities.

4. Drink hot tea or coffee

Find a hot brew of green tea or coffee and sit out on the balcony or in the courtyard of your hotel.  Find a spot where its calm and relaxing with lots of green trees or plants to breathe in fresh oxygen.  Slowly sip on your green tea taking in deep inhales and releasing deep exhales.

5. Sit out on the beach for every sunrise and sunset

If you are lucky enough to have planned your vacation to a sunny beach destination and you can’t get up early enough to catch the God given sunrise, do not miss the sunset.  Check the local time for the sun to set and place it on your calendar to remind you. Pick a spot and be sure to be there in the moment to watch the sun go down.

6. Cook your favorite meal

Our lives are filled with eating out, fast food or grabbing a fast snack or smoothie.  If you are on vacation, stop and fix yourself a simple delectable meal, something you’ve been craving to eat but just haven’t had the time to sit down and enjoy.

7. Read a romance or a thriller novel

Reading has a tranquil effect to relax the mind and to take you into another realm.  Pick a novel that will allow your mind to travel into the story of a whirlwind romance or a tantalizing thriller.  Pick something out of the ordinary, something that you would not normally read to take your mind off of your normal day-to-day routine.

8. Visit the Zoo or the local park

Connect with nature while you’re on vacation.  Visit the local zoo or take a walk to the local park.  Watch and listen to the species in the region where you are and just relax.

9. Volunteer to help the children or the elderly

Giving back to the community to help someone in need is always beneficial and provides a sense of gratefulness.  Take a little time to do your research to find out if there is a volunteer opportunity at a local school for children, a retirement facility for the elderly or a hospital. Giving back can refresh you spiritually and emotionally, giving you a sense of a purpose – filled life.

10. Champagne Toast

Ask for a bottle of complimentary champagne; shake heavily and pop the cork open and let it spill all over you in the shower!  

If you pick any three of these tips, you've got your relaxation for your vacation.

Live ~ Love ~ Travel

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