By Manuela Domingos

I hated high school.

Waking up every day to go to that place felt like a chore. I was always ready to leave. Graduating was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I recall a dreamy-eyed me sitting in the audience, more than ready for the next breakthrough in my life.

In high school, everything felt dragged. Ignorance spewed through every hallway and I was more than ready to get away. My thoughts and conversations felt way beyond my environment. Although I had a group of friends that I still call my best friends today, I wasn’t happy.

To the high school student who’s ready to leave, I understand your pain. I understand the hours spent at the library and the amount of times you’ve probably rolled your eyes at the “popular” kids who are not so popular anymore.

I understand how you’d rather talk to your teachers after class instead of rushing to lunch because of the possibility of a “fight” breaking out.

I understand why you don’t really consider everyone your real friends, since majority of them don’t even act like they are. I mean, chances are, you won’t speak to any of them after you graduate.

I understand your readiness to leave and your ambition. I can relate to your excitement for thought-provoking college classroom discussions, where everyone is not afraid to voice their opinions.

Don’t get me wrong, you will still meet the ignorant ones. You’ll probably find yourself being “the ignorant one” at times. But you’ll feel a difference.

The level of independence will feel better. Your thoughts will begin to blossom and shape. You will eventually find your niche for once, and stick with it.

And then, you may reach out to that one high school teacher who’s always seen the potential in you and say, “My oh my, this is challenging but worth it.”

For me, college hasn’t been the easiest years. But, I can testify that it has been the best years of my overall educational experience thus far.

Just you wait, dear high schooler. You will find your breakthrough.

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