In the last few years, many black women have started their own companies. Some have sunk and others have soared. One of the main resources that has enabled these women to succeed is their ability to gain the necessary mentors, tips, and tools. 

Today, we want to introduce you to Myosha Porterie. Myosha Porterie is a goal setting, power house, serial entrepreneur! Not only does she own four companies, but she travels the world and she looks great doing it! She is the owner of Porterie Boutique, Porterie Web Design, Porterie Tax Solutions, and Porterie and Brown. 

In this candid interview, Myosha shares with us the gems that she uses to ensure her success-- the ins and outs of going into business with her significant other, time management, goal setting, and the importance of living in your truth!

Outspoken and Determined

At the age of four, you could find Myosha dressing herself in the cutest outfits! It would always surprise her mom at how she could coordinate outfits so well. She loved going to boutiques and stores, and dreamed of working there. It had never occurred to her that she could own the store. 

By middle school she wanted to become a lawyer and her mom encouraged it. But like most kids, her dream changed and she wanted to go into Computer Information Systems.In the end, her love for fashion remained and she decided to open her own boutique. 

Working in a Male Dominated Industry

Opening her own boutique didn’t come easy. It came after she was laid off at 23. Myosha thought to herself, “how can I get laid off so early in my career?” She did not like the idea of someone having that much control over her. She would go into internships for the best companies, knowing that she was overqualified. There were many men who would underestimate her. Though it would bother Myosha, she used it as fuel. She realized her power and what she was capable of. In the end, she knew it was their loss. 

Living in Your Truth

During that time in her life, Myosha knew that she was not living in her truth. She went to school because it was the social norm and because her parents encouraged it. She started off as an aspiring lawyer and she says that she was miserable. 

“I was fighting every day to prove to them that I was so smart.”

She had database scripts and she even knows seven different coding languages. Regardless, when she would go into interviews they would insult her by asking, “what does your father do for a living?” At that moment, she knew that she was not living in her truth.

She was fighting to prove that she was smart and they still wouldn't hire her. 

Myosha started selling GoPro Cameras.

She says, “if you feel like people are denying you or you know you have the confidence to do whatever you put your mind to, do not ever let anyone dumb down who you really are!”

After Myosha was laid off, while selling cameras, she would set financial goals. She set goals to secure her LLC, and she would even buy uniforms to look official in her meetings. Myosha invested in herself even while she didn’t have everything she needed yet. She wanted people to take her seriously. Once she started living in her truth, everything started to flow-- the branding, the marketing, and the consistency. 

Business and Dating

Though Myosha started her first company, Porterie Boutique, by herself; she went into real estate with her boyfriend.

“When it came to real estate, it was better to go into it with someone who was interested and someone who knows a lot about it.”

Today, she is a real estate investor and owns a real estate investment firm. They buy, flip, and hold houses-- she is also a landlord. 

Myosha and her boyfriend are great business partners.They may go back and forth about the look, tone, and feel of the home, but they know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Her boyfriend cares about the interior and he is very hands on, so they compromise. Sometimes they will choose rooms-- he’ll do his thing in the bathroom, and she’ll take the living room. He is very supportive and he gives her the space to do her thing. 

Gaining Freedom

Myosha can recall moments in life where she struggled to take care of minimal things. Though she would travel, she would have to plan for a $400 trip, eight months in advance. She would say to herself,

“I should not be going anywhere, I should be saving!”

Today, she is able to book trips the same day and do the things that she wants to do. She’s able to live freely. 

Freedom came as a result of staying consistent and mainly goal setting. She has many to-do lists and alarms. Everything that she wanted to do for her business, she would write it down, plan for it, and get it done. 

“I was hungry for it. I tell entrepreneurs to dedicate something to your brand every single day.”

Goal Setting and Future Goals:

Myosha is an amazing woman who has accomplished so much! Even still, she says she has a lot of goals to reach in life. No matter what, she still takes time to goal set. If she has an idea, she will write it down. She may get to it later in the month, or year, but she has it written down. 

One thing that helps her is creating tabs on her phone. She categorizes each business and then breaks down what has to get done. There are days where she may miss a goal, but she just does it the next day. 

“When you’re behind, make up for it the next day. Regardless.Get it done!”

During this interview with Myosha, I felt encouraged. One of the underlying themes was “do it anyway.” Many black female entrepreneurs want to start businesses but lack funds. Myosha is a hustler and through it all, she hustled. I want to encourage everyone reading this to start anyway! If you’re looking to gain funding for your startup, you have to make the jump first. In the words of Myosha, “You have to prove yourself. You have to build it out first.”

Make the jump. 

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