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How to Cancel Friday Night Plans Like A Pro

By Adunola Adeshola

Weekends always go by too fast. When have you ever heard someone say, “Oh my weekend was too slow?” I’d say never. 

If you have heard someone say that, just know that the person was lying. She was probably trying to impress someone else. No one ever says their weekend went by too slow. We live for the weekends. 

So by Monday afternoon, after we’ve hashed out majority of our commitments, most of us are already contemplating how we’re going to spend our weekend. By Wednesday evening, those who are used to taking initiative have probably already reached out to their friends with plans for Friday night. 

But by Friday, we’re tired. We’ve contemplated all week. We’ve arranged plans. But, somehow in between all the meetings, assignments, projects, classes and long work days, now that Friday is finally here, we just want to rest – at home, by ourselves. 

The thought of coming home only to get up again at 9 p.m. to get dressed to go out again makes you want to cringe.

Nonetheless, by Friday afternoon, friends are texting to confirm plans to paint the town red and you’re wondering why you opened your mouth in the first place. How can you tell them now that you’re no longer interested in the plans that you made? But even the thought of coming home only to get up again at 9 p.m. to get dressed to go out again makes you want to cringe. 

So what do you do? Do you decide to rush home, take a cat nap and go out anyway, despite your innate need to rest? Or, do you cancel and become the boring friend?

Here’s the answer: do what’s best for you. If you desperately long to cancel, it’s ok to be the boring friend – every now and then. Just be honest with your friends and let them know that you’ve had a rough week. If they’re your real friends, they’ll understand. And, if they’re not, add sayonara to your text message & move on. But if you’re lucky, they may even be thankful you canceled before they had too. 

Sometimes we get too excited and make plans that we can’t keep. Emphasis on sometimes, because being the friend who never keeps plans will leave you with no friends. Still, occasionally, we need to obey our body’s desire for rejuvenation. Opt out of the plans, if you feel like it’s best for your soul. But if you do, always – always – reschedule.

And the next time you hang out with the friends you bailed on (especially new friends), make sure to pick up the tab or buy them a drink, it’ll show them that you appreciate them. Plus, it’ll make them excited for the next time you cancel on them.  

And if all else fails and you’re too scared to tell your friends you’re too tired, send them this article. This will do the trick! Sometimes Friday nights should be dedicated to rest. On the bright side, there’s always Saturday to try again. 

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