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Goodbye Office, Hello Weekend

By Isabella Rolz

We all get that feeling on a Friday afternoon, just after leaving the office, we want to get home, put on some comfy pjs, turn on the T.V, grab a cup of tea—or wine, and chill until we fall asleep. Good news! There’s nothing wrong with this feeling. Actually, it is a healthy habit to relax after a week of stress and nonstop working. Here are some great ways to escape from your busy weekdays.

Go on a camping trip: One of the best alternatives, after a week of constant mobilization, city noises, lots of traffic, and countless cups of coffee. Plan a trip with your friends or your special someone and go admire Mother Nature for the weekend. Get rid of those uncomfortable office outfits, and replace them with hiking boots and a lumberjack shirt. Lay down on the ground and admire the clear night sky. Sounds tempting, huh? What, are you waiting for, DO IT!

Stay at home and invite some friends: If you’re the type of person who’s never home and rather spend the weekend in the city and enjoy your place, no better way than inviting your friends, having a sleepover, ordering sushi and drinking some wine (or diet coke, if alcohol isn’t your thing). Have a fun weekend by saving a lot of money and catching up with your besties.

Enjoy the weekend by yourself: Treat yourself! After all, you were the one who worked all those hours during the week. Go for a morning run, get a tasty brunch with some mimosas, head to the mall for some retail therapy, and end the day by going to a nearby spa or a hair salon.

Anyhow, take advantage of your weekend! There are a million ways to escape from those office hours during the weekend. It just requires creativity and lots of relaxation!

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