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Don’t Change Your Situation, Change Your Perspective

I can admit, some days and nights I am scrolling through social media and I am super jealous of what other people are doing. I see some people eating at the best restaurants, others are traveling the world, and sometimes people are simply enjoying a picnic and wine. The idea that, “I want that, but I can’t have it” presents itself after mindless scrolling through social media.

I remember, one night it became so bad I felt myself falling into a depression. It was then I read a post that said, “sometimes you don’t need to change your situation, just your perspective.” It reminded me of my favorite quote, “plan for the impossible” - me.

Plan for the impossible means to plan for a great life and the unknown as if it is guaranteed, because it is! I quickly snapped out of it and began to create a list of the things I do not like about my situation, followed by 3 good things about those particular situations. I decided to change my perspective.

Just two years ago I was depressed and working a job I hated, today I am the Founder of two companies. Just this February I was featured in Forbes. This July, I hosted my first conference, Plan HER Conference 2018. This month alone I was named a Houston Trailblazer. There is so much more that I could list, but I have accomplished the things I set to accomplish. My life may not look like traveling and eating at the finest restaurants just yet, but it does look like what I have created.


Running your own race means, focusing on the things that are in front of you, meeting your own deadlines and crushing the goals right in front of you! I had to learn to be okay with my reality because my reality is a product of my decisions-- good or bad. My reality is a result of my priorities. Set your goals, priorities, and run your own race. If you want to travel, make it a goal. If you want to host a conference, make it a goal. If you want to grow in your company, make it a goal. If you want to workout, make it a goal. Run your race!!


My most consistent prayer is, “God set me up in front of the doors of opportunity and I promised to be prepared to walk through them.” After a year of repeating this, I have learned in order to be in front of the door, you have to be standing and you have to be number one. Which means, though life comes at you fast, you have to be in the right space mentally. You have to be out of the bed, you have to be optimistic, and you have to be standing. In order to be in front, you have to be number one. Which means you don’t need to be afraid, you don't need to wait, you need to go for the opportunity! Lastly, in order to be prepared to walk through them you need to be ready to put one foot in front of the other. You need to be prepared and you need a plan! The opportunity could be right there, but what are you going to do with it? What is your plan?


By setting your goals, running your own race, preparing yourself mentally for life challenges, and planning ahead of time you will create the life that you want. Now, as I scroll through social media, I realize that people are only doing what they planned to do. Whether they are out eating, getting married, graduating college, or traveling. They made a decision to set a goal and they planned to accomplish that goal. If your focus is buying an apartment, launching that company, or even helping out family members, understand your race may look different. Your race and choices shape your reality, so run and choose wisely.

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