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Boss Up, But Know When To Rest

5 Ways To Refresh & Recharge

Sis, let me start by saying that I’m so proud of you! You’re checking off your goals. You’re sticking to your schedule. You’re praying and getting the bag! That “little business” others second guessed is doing exceptionally well!

Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

Even with so much to celebrate, I know that being a boss can be overwhelming at times. So sis, tell the truth. When’s the last time you took time just for you? If your answer is a month or over, you’re well overdue for some pampering. No worries though! Your girls over at Foundation First are going to get you right with 5 Ways to Refresh and Recharge. So get your calendars out cause we’re about to pencil in some me-time!

Unplug From Media

We all know that being an entrepreneur requires you to have a social media presence. However, too much screen time can be unhealthy. Trying to keep up with the algorithms can have you unintentionally addicted to the likes and comments; bringing on comparison.

These things can make you feel like you’re not doing enough, and that’s just not true! So to avoid this from happening take periodical social media breaks. Monitor your screen time and give yourself a limit per day. Download a scheduling app (Planoly is a good one) to help save you time. And logout all together so you won’t be tempted.

Unplugging from the media encourages you to be more present in your surroundings, and with the people you love most.

Quiet Time With God

Now this one kind of speaks for itself.

When you step away from the noise you give yourself a chance to actually hear what God has been speaking to you. Involving God in your personal and business life makes a world of difference!

It separates you from those who have success, but limited longevity. When you make God a priority there’s no need to stress because everything falls into place for those who love God. Find you a quiet space. Take some deep breaths. Talk to God; setting the atmosphere for a place of praise and worship. Personally, I find that spending that time with God brings a sense of calmness, and sets things in perspective.


Whether you’re booking at Massage Envy or creating a DIY experience at home, you can never go wrong with pampering yourself! Get that massage and facial. Soak in a warm bubble bath.

Get your nails done. Hair done. EVERYTHING did!

If you work hard you deserve to look good too. As the old saying goes, “If you look good, you feel good!”

Girls Night

Now who doesn’t like a good girls night!?

Tell the truth it’s been a few months since you and your girls linked up. And that’s okay, it happens when you’re focused on your goals.

But now’s a good time to call your girls up and plan a night to hang. You can’t go wrong with meeting for food and drinks. Catching some live music and dancing. Or playing it simple with the girls coming over for game night and movies. To have a sisterhood is important and creates a safe space to be vulnerable without being judged.

Mini Vacation

Being able to change scenery can be just what the doctor ordered! So put those flier points together and get going! Getting away from your norm for a while is definitely an assuring way to reset and

not worry about business or bills. Whether it’s a weekend staycation or a week-long getaway, traveling is great for creating new and fun memories. Traveling brings on exciting new things with food, music, culture and adventures. It also doesn’t hurt that it gives you a reason to shop!

Now you’re probably thinking, “I know all this already”, and that may be true, but you’re still finding excuses not to incorporate self-care in your life. Just look at this as confirmation to do what your body has already been hinting at, rest! Here at Foundation First, we're holding you accountable. No more excuses!

Don’t try to convince yourself that you don’t have the time. Or it’s just too much you need to get done, and so forth. All work and no play is just not okay. Your self-care and wellness play a huge part on how far you’ll be able to take your business. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. So take a deep breath, and embrace the reality that taking a break is necessary.

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