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A Network Experience: Female Founders & Funders

by Keiyana McIntosh on January 6, 2023

2023, WE MADE IT!

And with a new year comes new ideas and businesses, and one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur is network and build solid relationships along the way.

Lucky for y’all I came across a network event that was designed to make it easy for founders to connect with investors without the headache.

In December 2022, I had the privilege to cover a network event partnered between Sesh Coworking and Softeq called Female Founders and Funders in Houston, Texas.

Being the first to arrive, I entered the event welcomed with a holiday festive vibe and warm smiles by the organizers.

There were light bites, drinks and a nice coffee and cocoa bar setting the atmosphere to connect.

As more women made their way in, the flow of the event was effortless with vibrant energy. I watched new connections being formed, as well as some reconnecting and catching up.

However, I would have to say the beautiful thing about the event was its ability to attract the diversity of women from different ages, race and backgrounds.

I got a chance to mingle among the crowd as well and it was a good mix of founders and funders coming from a variety of industries.

Towards the end of the event, the guest were allowed to introduce themselves and pitch their business, as well as identify if they were either a founder or funder. We even got an inside scoop from Sesh about the upcoming events that they will be hosting in 2023. Sesh was even gracious enough to extend an invitation to the ladies to be a part of their events if interested.

Overall, I would say this network event was a success! They created space for you to still be yourself while keeping the professionalism. I saw nothing but smiles, support and encouragement. It is definitely an event created by women for women.

Whether you’re just getting started in business, been in business for years, or looking for something new and upcoming to invest in I would recommend visiting Female Founders & Funders next event.

Female Founders & Funders are held every third Thursday of the month at Sesh Coworking space from 9AM-10AM CST, so update your LinkedIn and bring out the business cards. Their next network event is Thursday, January 19th. It's time to connect!

Follow and stay up-to-date with Female Founders & Funders organizers:

@seshcoworking and @softeq

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