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8 Reasons Your Relationship With God Should Play A Major Role In Your Business

By Bri'Ann Stephens

How many times have you heard the saying, "Business is business and your personal life is your personal life and the two can't mix" or "it's not personal. It's strictly business?" If you have your own business or plan to start your own business, I’m sure you've heard one of these sayings at least once. I am here to tell you, that your business life and your personal life are one in the same. As Christians we are called to put Jesus in the center of everything and that also includes our business. The foundation of your business is fundamental to its growth and here are a few reasons why your Christian faith is vital.

  1. FAITH is a vital part of your business. Getting through the month and sometimes even getting through the day means trusting God to fulfill His promise over your life and your business. Work is usually about logic, faith requires you to deal with the unknown and that is sometimes hard. Having faith in God will eliminate the "How's" in your business life. When you believe everything will happen the way it should, the question will not be "How?" But "When?"

  2. ACT JUSTLY by living with a sense of right and wrong, a concept that is both procedural and substantive. Doing things that are morally right and fair will help when it is time to find solutions to problems or issues within the workplace. When you face situations that may be compromising always choose to do what it right, fair, and just.

  3. LOVE & MERCY or loving kindness are fundamental elements in business. A business that keeps Christ at the center of its foundation blesses individuals, families and communities. By doing so, we show our faith and loyalty to the Lord in practice, not just words. We are called to show compassion each and every day. Strive to influence all elements of leadership with compassion.

  4. HUMBLE YOURSELF, as business leaders we sometimes get in the habit of believing our businesses are our own. Well, guess what? They are not. All of your business belongs to God. Before you make business decisions, take time to talk to your leader – God – in prayer. Depend on God rather than your own abilities. The good news that comes from knowing our businesses belong to God is that it will not fail. Even though we constantly have people looking to us for answers, the good news is we have someone else to turn to for the answers, in the moment we least know what to do.

  5. KNOW THE MISSION. Jesus is the greatest example of a leader, even when it comes to business. Jesus was always focused on the mission. He had a clear purpose and passion. When you know your purpose for your company everything else should align with that purpose. Do not lose sight of your mission, pursue it resolutely.

  6. WORK WITH OTHERS and do not be afraid to ask for help. We cannot do anything alone, and asking for help will take you a long way in your business. No matter what industry you are in, it would be destructive to believe you can do everything by yourself, so save yourself the trouble, and do not attempt to do it alone.

  7. IRON SHARPENS IRON you should intentionally surround yourself with wise advisors. Being open to correction is imperative in your business. Yes, we are called to teach and lead, but we are also called to learn. Do not grow tired of teaching others, and have an open heart and mind when it comes to receiving advice and help. Have both, a heart of humility and a desire to grow.

  8. GOD CHOSE YOU. Our doubts will sometimes try to overpower the truth. The truth is that God chose you to be in the very position that you are in. Do not doubt yourself. God chose you out of sheer love and placed you in the position for a reason. Other people will question your position, and we will even get to a point of uncertainty, but the truth is God chose you!

If you're reading this today you're already on an amazing start of planting the seed of welcoming God into your business. God wants you to invite Him into your business life. You must trust God more than you trust yourself and never grow tired of doing good, for in due season you will reap if you do not give up. Renew your mind, revive your spirit, and refocus your attention on His way and will

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