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7 Ways to Post On Social Media While You're Sleeping

By Tyeishia Timlet

I always get asked the question, "How do you always have time to post on social media?"

Well, let me share a little truth about my lifestyle. During the day, I am usually knocked out sleeping because I just got off the night shift or I am in class trying to stay awake because I went straight from my night shift to class. That's exactly how my life has been for the last couple of months so trust me, I know the struggle of trying to build a brand online and not having the time to post consistently.

But, I also need you to trust me when I say there is a way to get it done. It's not rocket science. In your strategy of posting consistently, you are most likely just missing the tools that will automate your process & make your social media life easier. Since using these automation tools, I've been not only able to stay on top of my social media game while I am sleep after work, but it has also given me a few extra hours in my day to film videos for my YouTube channel or do homework for class.

Don't make this social media life harder than what it is.

Social media should be used as a tool. And with a tool, you need other tools to assist you. HERE ARE 7 WAYS TO POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA WHILE YOU'RE SLEEP (OR DOING SOMETHING ELSE):

1. Facebook Page

If you have an active Facebook business/fan page, then you could schedule your content directly from the platform. This has to be one of the easiest to use because it doesn't require a sign up on another platform. Steps 1: Go to your Facebook business/fan page Step 2: Go to the top of your profile and click on the tab called 'Publishing Tools' Step 3: On the left side of that page, click on 'Scheduled Posts.' Step 4: Create your scheduled posts and have them go out whenever you like. 2. Post Planner

This tool coincides with the Facebook page scheduling as it does the same in automation, but it also helps you search for the most popular content in your industry and allows you to save it for later so you could always come back to it. 3. Hootsuite

This is one my favorite tools to use when scheduling posts. This tool gives you several options to post on different accounts and platforms. You could even make one post to both Twitter and Facebook. 4. Zapier

This site makes it easier for you to post between apps. It gives you a list of apps to choose from and allows you to create a formula of automation.

For example, I am never on Pinterest. But I know I would still like to pin consistently. So with Zapier, I use a formula of 'Instagram to Pinterest,' so whenever I post on my Instagram profile, Zapier will do its job and post the same exact picture to Pinterest. Is this the greatest marketing tool? No. But until I figure out how to work Pinterest, then this will do. Zapier also lets you choose from numerous apps including Gmail, Facebook Pages, Google Drive, and so on. This is also a great tool for staying organized. 5. Buffer This tool is similar to Hootsuite but it is great for keeping up with your posts and analytics. Buffer gives you the option to see how well your posts are performing right on their platform. 6. This is great for the super busy girl who seems to never have time to use social media. allows you to share your blog post from your website across all social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. When your blog post is updated, it will automatically post it on other platforms. This is different from the other tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite because with those platforms you have to manually schedule each automated post, whereas automates it and sends it directly as soon as you post a blog. 7. CoSchedule This is probably one of the best tools to automate your social media. This tool allows you to automate, sync your blog, and plan out your editorial calendar. All of these tools are great for automating your social media as you put focus on something else. In my case, being in a comfy bed, catching up on sleep that I will never get enough of. Start automating those social media accounts girl!

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