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5 Things You Can Do to Take Back Your Week Days

By Adunola Adeshola  

No, don’t revolt against your boss. Please, don’t call in either. And, no it’s not ok to go to work in your pajamas.

What do you do during the week?



After all, everyone works, has worked or aspires to work. It’s what every human, regardless of race, social class and geographical location, has in common.

We’ve all at one time or another responded to a similar question with, “I work.” This is how everyone spends their week days.

But maybe, that’s the problem. We exchanged week days for work days instead of just acknowledging that we work during the week. Working is not all we can accomplish, Monday through Friday.

We should take more advantage of our week days and stop claiming them as solely work days. Here are a few things you can do during the week to take back your week day: 1. ENROLL IN A YOGA CLASS

If you haven’t tried yoga at least once, then you must not be interested in keeping up with the trends – I understand.

But, yoga has a ton of benefits. Yoga builds muscle strength, it helps relax you and it helps you feel more focused and more aware of your body. If done two or three times a week, it can achieve your initiative to work out more and maybe even inspire you to eat healthier.

An even better reason to give yoga a try is that it can make you happier. Studies have shown that avid partakers in yoga, experience a change in attitude and perspective. A happier you throughout the week may lead to a happier team and a happier work environment for you and others. 2. TAKE A PAINTING CLASS

Recently, there’s been a lot of debate about the benefit of adult coloring books. Some say that coloring unleashes the child within us that never really went away. For loads of reasons, coloring books are the new wave. However, if you can’t seem to get with the idea of opening up a box of crayons and staying within the lines, take a painting class instead.

Painting takes your focus off of everything around you and makes you focus on accomplishing the task at hand, sculpting a beautiful piece of art. If your artwork resembles that the work of a 4-year old, its ok! By just painting alone, you’ll be polishing your creativity, relaxing from your day and boosting your self-confidence, as you leave the class admiring your hard work.

3. GO TO A COMEDY CLUB Laughter truly is good for the soul. When was the last time you had a good hearty laugh that you could feel in your belly? You know, the kind of laughter that makes your throat hurt?

If it’s been awhile, you should consider taking a night out of your week to visit a comedy club. Invite a loved one to tag along too. A good laugh can make a rough day pleasant and can remind you that your life isn’t that bad. And, if your life is that bad, it’ll remind you that your stronger than your circumstances.


The beauty of poetry is that it brings a sense of community. Listening to the rhythmic eloquent words of someone else as it relates to your past or future goals can inspire you and ignite a feeling of joy within you. Hearing other people’s stories through poetry can broaden your perspective and spark gratitude for your own blessings.

Spoken word sessions are another way to get out of your daily routine to do something fun, that’s not too much of a hassle. These sessions usually have a great ambiance of like minded individuals and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to hear great musicians in between various spoken words throughout the night.


Movies always come out on Fridays, yes we know. But instead of spending your Friday or Saturday evenings at the movies with everyone else, make it a tradition to see your anticipated movies the week after.

Movies have a special ability to make you forget about your life as you focus on the trials and tribulations of the characters in front of you. They have the amazing power to make you laugh, cry and even shout – if you’re bold enough.

Going to the movies during the week will not only free up your time on the weekends but it’ll also give you something to look forward to after a long day at work.


Growing up, there was always this one thing that we always wanted to do but never successfully accomplished. Something that, even into our adulthood, always remained a wish.

For me, that’s swimming. I’ve always wanted to learn but never did. Whether you always wanted to learn how to play the piano, ride a bike, play soccer, tap dance or even swim, there’s something you always wanted to master. So why not, do it now?

Enroll in a piano class. Have a loved one teach you how to ride a bike. Join an amateur soccer team or have some friends teach you how to play. Sign up for an adult swim class. Whatever the challenge may be, accomplish it.

The feeling of achievement is incomparable, take the initiative to activate that feeling in your life by doing something you always wanted to do. And, do it on a week day.

Take the initiative to activate that feeling in your life by doing something you always wanted to do

This is only a short list of the many things you can do on the week days to take back your days and to enjoy life to the fullest — 7 days a week. Every now and then we all have to work late due to an array of reasons.

However, when you are able to pack up and leave the office in good time, take full advantage of your evenings. After all, an exciting personal and social life will only lead to a more creative and successful professional life.

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