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3 Ways To Show Up And Support Your Sister

by Keiyana McIntosh on March 29, 2023

This year’s Women’s International Month we have honored those who’ve come before us, learned how to adapt to a soft life, and ways we could start building our legacy. However, the common denominator to all these topics’ success is the support of one another.

As black women, we grew up strong and independent, but once we came together our black girl essence created something dynamic!

For years, we knew that we were stronger together, but we yielded to the manipulation of society dividing us through colorism and social status. Today, we stand proudly united as we celebrate the different array of melanin and our successes in starting black-owned businesses.

However, this united front only stands strong as we continue to look out for and support each other. Therefore, I want to remind us of the best ways to continue celebrating each other past Women’s International Month.

Like. Comment. Share.

As entrepreneurs, influencers, and creatives a lot of work goes into curating content. Content is the modern key to marketing on social media, but with the media being broad it can be difficult for someone to reach their target audience. However, that is where you come in.

Whether you follow someone already established or stumble upon an upcoming underdog, your support matters. Liking a post can go a long way, leaving a comment can inspire someone to keep going, and sharing can expose a fellow sister’s gift, product, and service to another audience.

It can be nerve-wracking putting yourself out there, and most of the time your friends and family aren’t your target audience, so knowing you have a sister in your corner cheering you on is worth the hard work.

Buy Black

We’ve grown so accustomed to supporting top and luxury brands, that we’ve forgotten to circulate our dollars within our community. Black-owned brands hold just as much potential and quality as Marc Jacobs or Vera Wang. Let’s not forget about Black Wall Street. It was destroyed because mobs of white residents were intimidated by our wealth, scared that we’d become their equal or the new majority in the social class. However, we could accomplish this again if black consumers supported more black businesses.

Black businesses always seem to get a bad reputation for customer service, but that’s an excuse if I ever heard one. Bad customer service can come from anywhere, for example, Target, and you’ll continue to shop there. What is true is that because of our skin, we have to work twice as hard to show our value, and give a long-lasting experience. Yet, without support from our community businesses fail within the first three years.

With African-Americans being one of the largest consumers in America, there should be no reason for our companies to fail against others. Therefore, I suggest we do our homework on black-owned businesses/brands so that when payday comes, we buy black!

Lift As You Climb

Our successes are not our own. Other futures are attached to it. Support is not just about sharing on social media and buying black; it is also about pouring into others with wisdom, knowledge, and resources.

Most of the time, we look for monetary value in exchange for knowledge, but sometimes we have to look at giving free game as a good investment for the next generation. Doing something for others that you wished someone did for you. Therefore, being a mentor or teaching someone what you have learned through trial and error can motivate them to take a leap of faith.

It also does not matter if the women you support are within your same niche; helping someone shine their light will not dim yours. As a community of women, we are our sister keepers. We celebrate and collaborate, not compare and compete.

The next time you see a sister pursuing her endeavors, stop and genuinely ask, “How can I support you?” A small gesture like that holds a mass impact.

Remember, we are a movement by ourselves, but only together can we make history!

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