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3 Ways to Get A Head Start Into the New Year

I don’t know about y’all, but 2022 feels like it came and went in a blink of an eye.

But nevertheless, 2023 is quickly approaching.

For years, tradition has always been to declare a New Year’s resolution, however, to declare and not prepare will have you starting your new year on the wrong foot.

If we’re honest, we’ve all had a year where we sought out to do something, but dropped the ball for whatever reason.

We always said we’d get to it but never did, and now those goals have been set back three years or more.

Oh, but not this year!

Foundation First is here to deliver 3 tips to help relieve some of the pressure, and set you up for success in 2023.

Together we’re going to face our goals head on by prioritizing, and before we know it our goals will be our reality.

Let’s get to work!

Set Realistic Goals

Not everyone is ambitious and self-motivated.

Some people are procrastinators, yet somehow still get the job done.

No matter the type of achiever you are, the key to laying out realistic goals are the same.

You must first have a heart for the goal(s) you set out to accomplish because without a heart’s desire to follow, you won’t pursue.

According to how you tackle objectives, you have to create your goals suitable to your personality and current lifestyle.

How we go about this is by taking inventory of our day-to-day lives.

We have to prioritize our goals around the things we already have going on.

Once we've determine the steps it will take to achieve our dreams, we'll then be able to incorporate a timeline that will flow with our schedules without being overwhelmed.

This should in term create a healthy work-life balance.

Get Into A Routine

For some, getting into the flow of a routine is easier said than done, but it’s more than possible.

With having a schedule in place it leaves you with the benefits of feeling organized, creates accountability and builds discipline.

Developing a routine makes practice for what will eventually turn into a habit, which in the long run will become a lifestyle.

With that said, research shows that it takes at least two months to form a habit.

Since we just entered into December, we have enough time to put a routine into play so we’ll have a good momentum going into 2023.

I’ve learned that what jumpstarts an everyday routine is the time you wake and the way you start your morning.

When you think about it, those who are successful are the most productive in their day because they’re willing to rise earlier than most.

If you’re not a morning person like me, then it’s best to pick the earliest realistic time that works for you.

For example, if you normally wake at 9:00 a.m. try stretching yourself to wake up at 7:00 a.m.

Rising early is only but a small part of building towards a solid routine.

What matters most is your initial thoughts and mood towards the day once you wake. For it sets the tone of your productivity level.

You have to make the decision that your goals are important to you and choose them daily.

Once your mind is set, you want to add small but productive tasks to your day that will lead you one step closer to achieving your goal(s).

If this is something new to you then I would recommend starting with 1-3 tasks so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

You can also make daily tasks more manageable by creating a blocking schedule that will dedicate a specific timeframe for you to be intentional on completing your to-do list.

Before you know it you would have checked off everything in your agenda, leaving yourself feeling inspired for tomorrow’s success.

Give Yourself Grace

Though setting realistic goals and getting into a routine are essential to success, the most important thing to do in your journey is giving yourself grace.

I’m going to go ahead and tell on myself because this one I’m still making progress in.

The truth is you can have everything lined up and things still won’t go as you planned.

For example, you may not feel that you’re doing enough, but your body is telling you to rest.

Your goals aren’t going anywhere just because you take a break. Rest grants you energy, renewal and clarity. Therefore, you’ll be more beneficial to your goals because you rested.

Another instance may cause you to have to extend a project's deadline, and launch later than expected.

However, instead of perceiving it as a delay, look at it as God’s grace of extended time to make sure you’re delivering your best.

When we partner our goals with our faith, there’s no reason to worry about how things will unfold.

We must remember that we’re never behind or in competition when we’re in the timing of God.

Therefore, we must trust the process, celebrate our wins (no matter how small), and have fun along the way!

When we’re preparing for a goal that’s bigger than ourselves, sometimes we forget the little things that set the structure to success. I hope these tips served as a reminder that you can accomplish your goals by taking things one day at a time. However, there’s no day like the present, so don’t wait until 2023 to start the vision planted in your heart. God has entrusted you to get the job done, so be a good steward and apply the faith and actions necessary for you to see the fruit of your labor. I can’t wait to see all the incredible things you all will achieve and celebrate with you!

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